Providing Great services since 2005

About Us

The company was established on 21/05/2005 at Al-Ain City, UAE, under the name:
Al Tawfeek Global Marketing & Feasibility Studies. Later on we changed the license & the title of my office to be:
Al Tawfeeq Economical Feasibility Studies & Consultancies.

This licensee is qualified to provide all Business Consultancies and preparing all kinds of Economic Feasibility Studies & Business Plans.

My office is Committed to, and is keen on, the preparation of studies, plans and research needed for our clients anywhere in the

world, in accordance with the professional standards stipulated by the professional local, International bodies and academic organizations as well.

Required studies could be prepared in any language, according to the wishes of our clients in particular; (Arabic, English, French, & German).

We wish to provide always the best of our services for all our clients.